Selection of Standard Fasteners

Fasteners have various head types.

Hex head, these products also in the band sets, perforated, with boss, work with a flange-shaped, the class did not have high mechanical properties visible, easy to wrench, tighten the larger may be imposed torque, broader application, such as the bearing surface with a convex surface or flange with washer, increasing the pressure side, a better locking performance, can be used for steel structure and important connection to the host structure.

Square head, the head area, to facilitate the wrench to tighten the turn, can be applied like large tightening torque, and easy to wring bald, used for relatively thick, often dismantling of the structure, but should not be used for moving parts.

Pan head, head size, head slotted so easy tool applied screw, used for low-intensity, low applied screw torque products, generally used for small household appliances such as size of the host product, specifications and more.

Fasteners selected according to different characteristics

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