Fasteners Knowledge

A fastener or fastening is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. In general, fasteners are used to create non-permanent joints; that is, joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components. Welding is an example of creating permanent joints. Steel fasteners are usually made of stainless steelcarbon steel, or alloy steel.

fasteners usually includes bolts, screws, nuts, washers, pins, rivets, threaded rods, nails etc.

When selecting a fastener for industrial applications, it is important to consider a variety of factors. The threading, the applied load on the fastener, the stiffness of the fastener, and the number of fasteners needed should all be taken into account.

When choosing a fastener for a given application, it is important to know the specifics of that application to help select the proper material for the intended use. Factors that should be considered include:

  • Accessibility

  • Environment, including temperature, water exposure, and potentially corrosive elements

  • Installation process

  • Materials to be joined

  • Reusability

  • Weight restrictions

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